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Natural Maine Sea Salt: Hand-Harvested

Natural Kosher Sea Salt. Fine Salt Cooking, Coarse My Finishing Salt, And Crystal Salt Refilling Grinders. Available In Grinders, 6 oz Salt Cellar Jar, 14 oz Bulk Glass Jar, One Pound Zipper Bag, And 10 Pound Box.

 Kosher Certified 


fine-maine-sea-salt.jpgFine: Maine Sea Salt ground is uniform in size, small, feels granular, but is too large for most fine salt shakers. Fine Maine Sea Salt, is small enough in granular to dissolve in soups and brines. Not usually used as a finishing salt.  Kosher Certified.

coarse-maine-sea-salt.jpgCoarse: My coarse salt is irregular, crunchy to the touch, the right size to use by the pinch, and to use as a finishing salt. Use  by the pinch, good for cooking, or use at the table. Not fine enough or dry enough for a salt shaker, not suitable for a salt grinder or salt mill. This is my favorite grind. Kosher Certified.

crystal-maine-sea-salt.jpgCrystals: Maine Sea Salt, medium size crystals are more uniform, is the size of a grape seed, my choice for a grinder.  Kosher Certified.