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Maine Sea Salt, Coarse, 6 oz .82 WT Jar, Hand-Harvested. Natural Kosher Salt. (6105)

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Natural Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested 6 oz jar
Natural Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested 6 oz jar
Maine Sea Salt irregular Crystals -Coarse Salt picture.
Natural Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested 6 oz jar
Natural Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested 6 oz jar
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Natural Sea Salt 6 oz glass gift Cellar. Maine Sea Salt coarse sea salt is the right size to use by the pinch, and to use as a finishing salt. Maine Sea Salt is Gourmet salt, solar evaporated, not processed. With no anti caking or chemical whitening agents. Is perfect for the table and Kitchen. Use by the pinch, for a clean saline taste like the sea. Hand Harvested at slack tide on the Coast of Maine.

Ingredient: Maine Sea Salt

photoroom-20221108-172339.png Kosher Certified.


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Natural Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested 6 oz jar
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Customer Reviews

10 reviews

  • 5

    The best, sprinkle a lot or just a bit, always great and even enjoy the feel of the salt as it adds to the enjoyment.

    Will always reorder.

  • 5


    Maine Sea Salt has great taste!

  • 5

    All of their salts

    We have been ordering salt to be shipped to TX since they started shipping salt out. This is an excellent company with incredible products. The 6 oz jar is great because the open mouth gives you a quick way to grab a pinch of salt while cooking.

  • 4

    sea salt

    jar not quite as full as I expected.

  • 5


    great salt............thanks

  • 5

    Very Good

    Had it first time at Cliff House in Maine. It was so good and the packaging so nice I had to buy it. Love that I wasn't charged shipping either.

  • 5

    Great product

    Excellent sea salt - tried finding it in the store, but didn't so bought by mail. Coarse is just the right size.

  • 5

    A taste of the Maine coast

    Love this salt! A jar is always on the kitchen counter next to the spice rack, ready to add flavor to whatever is cooking on the stove. Sometimes I just take a few grains and put them on my tongue so I can mentally go back to Maine and taste the ocean again. Taste and quality are excellent. Everyone should have a jar or two of this in their kitchen.

  • 5

    Love these products!

    I initially first tried Maine Sea salt buy purchasing it at Home Goods. Once I ran out, I looked for it there again. They did not have the product, I loved it so much I looked up Maine Sea Salt web page to see how and if I could purchase. I never thought I would be ordering salt from MAINE when living in Chicago. People would think its salt... after tasting and reading the quality of the product was amazing. I researched why Sea Salt is better and different for your body. I was very pleased not be only of the quality of the product, but the dedication behind the company and what they stand for. Great work! Hope to visit Maine one day. Lisa Stewart.

  • 5

    Taste the Atlantic

    Like taking a sip of the cold Atlantic. I enjoy tasting a few grains on my tongue while cooking a meal. Much better for seasoning food than store-bought mini-grained salt. Excellent packaging and prompt shipping.

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