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Maine Sea Salt, Coarse 1 lb Bag. 1.25 WT. Certified Kosher (5216)

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Natural Maine Sea Salt Bag 1 lb size, Coarse Gourmet salt, solar evaporated, and no anti caking agents added. Use by the pinch.
Maine Sea Salt, Coarse 1 lb Bag. 1.25 WT. Certified Kosher  (5216)

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Natural Kosher Sea Salt from Maine, 1 lb bag coarse salt. Chef's salt, solar evaporated, and no drying or whitening agents added. Certified Kosher, by Eastern Kosher.

Comes in heavy 4 ml re-closable bag. My coarse Specialty salt is irregular in size. Feels crunchy to the touch, the right size to use by the pinch, and to use as a finishing salt. Maine Sea Salt is natural Kosher salt, solar evaporated, with no chemicals added. Good for cooking, at the table. Not fine enough or dry enough for a salt shaker, not suitable for a salt grinder or salt mill. This is my favorite.

Solar evaporated and Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine. In Green Houses evaporate sea water from the coast of Maine. Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested with care. No heavy machinery. Not dried in a oven or kiln. No additives, whitening agents, or drying chemicals.

Chefs use to marinate.  Enhances the flavor of any dish. Maine Sea Salt has a unique taste, bursts any dish with flavor. Use in baking, cooking, home made pretzels, fermenting vegetables, decorating salted caramel candies. The coarse salt, baking, soup, chowder, vegetables. The unique taste of Maine Sea Salt will make you a loyal customer. Hand Harvested at slack tide on the Coast of Maine.  

If you don't believe me, read the reviews!

Superior salt for cooking or health. Many uses home remedies.


-Maintains electrolyte balance

-Maine Sea Salt helps with muscle cramp


-Fluid retention


-No Iodine Added

The amounts of trace minerals in the ocean, is the same percentages of those minerals in our body. Salt is an essential mineral for maintenance. Better function, stimulates circulation, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins.

Ingredient: Maine Sea Salt

Kosher Certified


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Natural Maine Sea Salt Bag 1 lb size, Coarse Gourmet salt, solar evaporated, and no anti caking agents added. Use by the pinch.
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Customer Reviews

41 reviews

  • 2

    Coarse seasalt

    Posted by Lois on 4th Apr 2024

    The product was great as usual but one of the bags was open on one end so the salt was all over the box and had leaked outside the carton, leaving a trail whenever it was moved-creating quite a mess

  • 4

    Coarse Maine Sea Salt, 1 lb.

    Posted by Stephen on 12th Jan 2024

    True taste of Maine! I love the flavor of Maine Sea Salt on my eggs, potatoes, peas, chicken, corn-on-the-cob, etc. I am a happy repeat customer.

  • 5

    Coarse 1 LB Bag of Maine Sea Salt

    Posted by Andrea K. McGee on 1st Oct 2023

    This is great for meat-grilling rubs.

  • 5

    My only salt - buy in bulk

    Posted by LN on 16th Jul 2023

    This is the only salt I use - the coarse for everyday and cooking (like kosher salt) and the crystal in the salt grinder.

  • 5


    Posted by Renée on 9th Jan 2023

    Great flavor and useful when you want big crystals like grilling and pesto.

  • 5

    Our family loves it!

    Posted by Jennifer on 26th Nov 2022

    excellent product and it is all we use

  • 5

    Outstanding salt for cooking

    Posted by Tom R on 10th Nov 2022

    Never mind the stuff on store shelves that are claimed to be sea salt. Maine sea salt is the real deal. Once I found Main sea salt, I was hooked. Everything I use it on is enhanced perfectly. You can taste the difference. I now use Maine sea salt exclusively. Once you try it, you will love it.

  • 5


    Posted by Unknown on 13th Feb 2022

    The product is good.

  • 5

    Maine Sea Salt - Don't buy ordinary table salt.

    Posted by Debi Davis on 21st Jan 2022

    Honestly, I rarely salted my food until I found this product. But now I get to enjoy this fantastic flavor right from my own home state. This company provides not only a wonderful and natural product, but their website makes it easy to use and order, and the shipping is super fast. Thank you for all you do!

  • 5

    Maine sea salt

    Posted by Susan faust on 20th Nov 2021

    Love the product. Wish the shipping $$ was less

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