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I've Been Making Maine Sea Salt Since 1998. We Wanted To Start A Maine Business, And Make Something. One Day I Was In A Health Food Store, And Saw Sea Salt On The Shelf. Thats When The Lights Came On.

Opening Maine Sea Salt was a natural, but not as easy as you would think. Our first product, was a 1 oz size for cooking lobsters. The Packaging, was a hand made envelope with the salt inside and directions on the back. I took the "Maine Sea Salt for Cooking Lobster" to the area fish markets to sell. The reaction was, "are you crazy?" I begged them to try it, free, give it a couple days. It wasn't long before they started calling and asked for more. That's when I knew it would succeed.

Maine Sea Salt is now located in Down East Maine in the town of Marshfield, next door to Machias, Maine. Our salt works  prospered. Maine Sea Salt is thru out the United States, in Health food stores. Specialty food shops, and high end restaurants. Our packaging has expanded. Maine Sea Salt is in convenient, refillable glass grinders. Our fancy gift jar is for special occasions. The 14 oz wide glass jar is our bulk, perfect to keep in the kitchen. My newest, is a 3oz Salt Shaker, with a easy flip top lid has larger holes for easy shaking. It's great!

The Sea Water Comes From Buck's Harbor, Maine.

The sea water moved into the first set of houses for two reasons: 1. allow anything in the water to settle out, and to reduce the sea water to 50% salinity. 2. this method repeated and the water filtered and reduced to 70% in another set of Green Houses. The water is finally pumped to the finishing house for making salt. Here the pool completely evaporates leaving behind the sea salt.

The Maine Sea Salt is in piles. Then placed in bins to further drain. Maine Sea Salt is than taken to the production area where ground. The salt when ground releases more moisture from the crystals. We layer the damp salt between linen towels to finally remove any remaining moisture. The salt is never heated, for example: in a kiln, nor is it washed. Maine Sea Salt is then sifted, to separate various crystal sizes for packaging.

We do not add drying agents to the salt, kept in it's simplest natural state. We have seasoned salt, made only with the best ingredients. Our smoked salt infused with a real wood fire in small batches. We guarantee Maine Sea Salt 100%. 

Maine Sea Salt Evaporated in Shallow Pools In Green Houses.

The Green Houses are solar panels in effect, evaporating the sea water using the sun for the heat source. Salt production is seasonal. During the summer months, the sun warms the pools. The pools are shallow, too deep a pool will not heat enough in a day's cycle. The sun and it's position in the sky determine our season and like farmers the weather is very important.

How To Use Maine Sea Salt.

Maine Sea Salt is a natural salt, and is a little stronger than you might expect. When seasoning with my grinder, a couple twists may be all you need. The seasoning and smoke salts make a great finishing salt, a few grinds will add a great salty touch and crunch. The smoked salts you can make your own rubs, add a little smokey taste to the grill. Apple Smoked Salt is perfect for salmon, white meats and vegetables. My Hickory Smoked Salt pairs well with red meats. Use the Herbs, Garlic, Dulse for every thing. The Lemon and Pepper Maine Sea Salt is perfect with chicken, fish, string beans. Asparagus for example. My favorite is the Steak Salt, in a shaker. I use the Steak Salt all the time, my favorite every day seasoning!


Maine Sea Salt Company offers free tours from May thru October, We tell our story and show how we make Maine Sea Salt. The tour is informative and our show room offers samples.



Sea Salts Seasoned By The Sun


The Best Natural Sea Salt, Solar Evaporated, Not Processed, No Additives, Hand-Harvested. Fresh Atlantic Sea Salt!