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Maine Sea Salt, "For Cooking Lobster" [50 PER CASE] 3.7 WT

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If you retail Maine Lobsters or ship lobster dinners around the country, include the little sample, your customer will thank you! Maine Sea Salt "For Cooking Lobster" was our first product back in 1998 when we opened the salt works. It is a one oz portion for cooking lobster. Add to one quart boiling water and it reconstitute as sea water. The lobstermen always told me to use ocean water to steam my lobster. And since I realized that there are lots of people who love Maine lobster, but don't live close enough to use ocean water, Maine Sea Salt, "For Cooking Lobster" was born.

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Maine Sea Salt,  "For Cooking Lobster" [50 PER CASE] 3.7  WT
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