Local Salt Works Tour Information:

grybus-usm-seasalt-0244.jpgLocal Salt Tour Begins With

             Maine Sea Salt, Marshfield Maine.

Open For 2021 Season :

Every Salt Season: May Through October

9am-4pm Monday-Friday.


The tour begins with viewing the solar Green Houses. Description of how the salt evaporates. I will answer questions. Embellish the tour with stories. How we got into the salt business, and more. We move on to the finishing houses. Talk about the harvesting, and preparing the salt for packaging. Visit the salt smoking area and discuss the different woods we smoke. Then move on to the salt tasting in the show room. Product is available for sale. The tour lasts for 15-30 minutes.


11 Church Lane Marshfield, Maine. email steve@maineseasalt.com phone 207-271-1535