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6 oz Jar, Maine Sea Salt and Dulse. .135 WT

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6 oz  Jar, Maine Sea Salt and Dulse. .135 WT
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Dulse Seaweed and Maine Sea Salt comes in a 6 oz gift jar.  Dulse is rich in trace minerals and Iodine. This is my Iodized Salt. Great for everyday use at the table or cooking. 

Ingredients: Maine Sea Salt, Dulse Seaweed

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4 reviews

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    Dulse Sea Salt

    Friends brought us a jar Dulse from their trip to Maine. I thought all salt was the same. Not so! This salt gives you the essence of salt, but not the bite. It especially enhances the flavor of fresh foods. We can use much less, so it lasts and is better for our health. When we finally ran out, I had to track down another jar. I highly reccomend Dulse for anyone who loves salt!

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    Dulse Sea Salt

    I love this sea salt laced with Dulse - I use it in and on everything.

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    sea salt review, seaweed and salt

    Very Nice Product - Fun to use and great on most all vegetables and rice

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    Love Dulse on seafood of all kinds. It becomes gourmet when added to this delicious Maine Sea and enhances any food. Strongly recommend.

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