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3.6 oz Grinder, Smoked Hickory Salt. .8 45 WT

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Hickory Smoked  Salt, 3.6 oz refillable grinder. Smoked over a Hickory fire for a clean smokey taste. Use Smoked Hickory Salt to make rubs, or to add a smokey flavor to any meal, particularly good with red meats. We Hickory smoke the salt in small batches over a 8 hour period, being sure the temperature is just right and the salt is turned often, to ensure all sides of the salt crystals are smoked evenly.  Kosher Certified.


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Buy Hickory Smoked Maine Natural Sea Salt, shown in a 3.6 oz glass grinder. Use for cooking, seasoning, at the table. Hickory Smoked Maine Sea Salt. Smoked over a Hickory fire for a clean smoky taste.
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9 reviews

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    Hickory Smoked Sea Salt 3.6 oz grinder

    I love the hickory smell and taste of this sea salt. With the taste of it, I definitely use less than I do of regular table salt. I'm trying to keep my sodium intake down and this hickory sea salt helps me do that. I love this product!!

  • 5

    Hickory Smoked Sea Salt

    This salt has a full taste, hint of hickory smoke. I love it on fruits and especially on avocados. I haven't used used regular table salt since finding this! Very highly recommend!!

  • 5


    Omg!!! Ur salts were so good keep up the good work love buying from the USA!!

  • 5


    I've been buying the Apple smoked version for a while. I just got Hickory and it's also fantastic. I'm keeping one for myself and one will be a gift to friends in Germany. Thank you!

  • 4

    If you like smokey, you will love this....

    Mellow flavor. I was not sure what to expect and was pleased with the purchase.

  • 5

    best for barbeque

    We were looking for a good smoke rub without all the spices. This gives you a good smoke flavor on your meats and some sea salt to help bring out the juices and flavor. We used up oue last bottle and couldn't wait to get more. Great product!

  • 5

    Great tasting!

    I enjoy it on my eggs in the morning. Adds nice flavor.

  • 5

    Deep Good Hickory Flavor

    I grew up with Spice Islands' Hickory Smoked Salt. Love the hickory taste with meats and rich oily fish. Have been looking for a replacement for years. And here it is. Compares extremely favorably with Pensey's Chicago Steak Seasoning in intensity of true hickory flavor but without the lemon and garlic overtones. Rich, fulsome, and coupled with the real taste of the Gulf of Maine--a true New England gift from the lands and seas... Highly rated. This will be one of my go-to items both for my own cooking and for gifts to favored friends. Excellent!

  • 5

    Love this Smoked Sea Salt!

    As a dedicated localvore, I have had difficulty finding two products regionally based in New England: cooking oils, and salt. Thanks to Maine Sea Salt the second problem is solved, and most wonderfully so. I love this Hickory Smoked Sea Salt that adds just a touch of rich, layered flavor to everything. On eggs or a simple pasta dish with a bit of freshly cracked black pepper, the effect is magical and elemental -- the tang of the sea and smoke of fire, earthy trace of wood and minerals. This is real food. (The grinder works great and is not a cheapo disposable item like some supermarket purchases--it will definitely last through a number of refills.)

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