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3.6 oz Grinder, Maine Sea Salt & Pepper. .845 WT

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Cracked Peppercorns and Maine Sea Salt Blend is the perfect combination. A chef's blend for seasoning a dish, use as a rub or for everyday enjoyment. A mix of Maine Sea Salt and quality Black Peppercorns. Crushed  peppercorns release a irresistible aroma and flavor. From the Malabar coast of India.

Black pepper is grown from the green, unripe berries of the pepper plant. The same fruit produces white and green peppercorns. Once dried, the berries become black peppercorns with a pungent flavor. The size, and maturity at harvest make the highest quality black peppercorns. With this Maine Sea Salt blend, you won't think of pepper and salt the same way again!  

Packaged in a glass 100ml spice bottle and perfect grind plastic top. Contains 3.6 oz (102G) The grinder has a inner seal. Remove the inner seal by unscrewing the top.


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Maine Natural Sea Salt, and Pepper, shown in a 3.6 oz grinder. Maine Sea Salt & Pepper is a natural Atlantic salt, the Pepper is cracked and fresh dried. My salt grinder is refillable and recyclable.
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14 reviews

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    My grandson loves this product! He calls it saltper. (He's almost 3)! We have given this to several people because we think it's great!

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    Made magic with cabbage! Great taste!

    Discovered true flavors of product on a grilled cabbage dish, indescribably delicious.

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    Pepper Maine Sea Salt is terrific! I feel as though I'm tasting the Atlantic every time I use it. I love the blend of the sea salt and black pepper. My favorite use is on my breakfast eggs, but of course I also love it on potatoes, vegetables, and meats at supper. The grinder works great so I get just the right amount on the food. Even the smell of the salt and pepper makes me happy. I sometimes just sniff the aroma coming from the grinder at the table. Mmmm!

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    was skeptical

    I was a little skeptical about trying the pepper salts or the pepper, and Stephen, said try it it's really good and I am so glad I did, and of course he was right, I have used the salts gosh for a long time and I would not change to another this is the best salt ever, thanks to main sea salt , love u both.

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