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3.6 oz Grinder, Maine Natural Sea Salt: Crystals for easy grinding. From Our Own Salt Works. .845 WT Certified Kosher

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Maine Natural Sea Salt, shown in a 3.6 oz grinder. Maine Sea Salt, is a natural Atlantic salt, Solar Evaporated on the Maine coast. The salt grinder is refillable and recyclable.
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Maine Natural Sea Salt 3.6 oz glass grinder. Season with a couple twists! Enjoy the Natural Saline Ocean taste that is Maine Sea Salt. Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine and our salt making methods is what makes our salt special!

Solar evaporated and Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine. In Green Houses evaporate sea water from the coast of Maine. Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested with care. No heavy machinery. Not dried in a oven or kiln. No additives, whitening agents, or drying chemicals.

Use to marinate meats, pork, poultry. Use when grilling. Enhances the flavor of any dish. Maine Sea Salt has a unique taste, bursts any dish with flavor. Use in baking, cooking, home made pretzels, fermenting vegetables, decorating salted caramel candies. Salt crystals will make your dish shine when used as a finishing salt. The unique taste of Maine Sea Salt will make you a loyal customer. If you don't believe me, read the reviews!

Superior salt for cooking or health. Many uses home remedies.


 -Maintains electrolyte balance

 -Maine Sea Salt helps with muscle cramp


 -Fluid retention


 -No Iodine Added

The amounts of trace minerals in the ocean, is the same percentages of those minerals in our body. Salt is an essential mineral for maintenance. Better function, stimulates circulation, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins.

Ingredient: Maine Sea Salt

Kosher Certified.


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Customer Reviews

16 reviews

  • 5

    Fast and top notch quality

    Posted by Marie on 7th May 2021

    This was a gift. The friend called to inquire since the product was excellent.

  • 5

    Highly reccomend!

    Posted by Katie Bergstrand-span on 12th Feb 2021

    Im a budding Locavore and grateful to have some salt from the seas I love so much. Easy to grind, good sized crystals, refillable, and tastes delicious. I will be ordering again.

  • 5

    Maine Sea Salt

    Posted by Eileen Aug on 29th Sep 2020

    This salt makes lobster taste like it was just caught, SO FRESH!!

  • 5

    Taste of Maine

    Posted by Stephen on 12th Oct 2019

    I've been ordering this for several years now. It's a constant reminder of my home state. Whenever I return to Maine I make a point of getting into the water and tasting the saltiness. With Maine Sea Salt I can taste Maine every day. Mmmm!

  • 5


    Posted by Unknown on 13th Jun 2018

    I had the good fortune of receiving this product as part of a gift-pack from a friend who summers in Cape Cod each year. One of the best gifts I ever received and have been ordering it ever since. It imparts a wonderful flavor to foods and I love the handy built-in grinder.

  • 5

    Just Wonderful Sea Salt!

    Posted by Cynthia Krueger on 26th Aug 2016

    I've been buying this Maine sea salt for years now and can't live without it. It is a perfect salt and I love the grinder. It makes it so easy. Try this Maine sea salt and you will be hooked like I am!

  • 5

    Best Sea Salt!

    Posted by Cynthia Krueger on 6th Nov 2015

    I love this sea salt. I love the natural sea salt grinder. This salt is perfect - not at all too sharp and biting. Having Maine ancestors, it is so much fun to be able to support this wonderful Maine business. Buy it - you will be so glad you did.

  • 5

    The only salt I use!

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Jun 2014

    I love this salt - and I love how it is made, and that it is from my home state of Maine........ Pure. Perfect. My go to for all cooking. I will be road-tripping to the shop soon for some more, and will be excited to see if there are any new products. LOVE THIS STUFF.

  • 5

    Great salt

    Posted by Dick Bohnsack on 3rd Apr 2014

    I like the chunky bits and flavor.

  • 5

    Flavorful Sea Salt from a local New England supplier!

    Posted by Cindy Hill on 18th Feb 2014

    Just what I have been looking for -- a local New England source of sea salt, rich with natural minerals, and in a good quality refillable grinder, too. Great flavor, and fast professional service on my order (one never knows what will happen when one orders a product online -- this one arrived beautifully packed in a couple days with a great bit of information on Maine Sea Salt production-- I can't wait to visit the saltworks next time I'm in the neighborhood). Can't go wrong.

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