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3.6 oz Grinder, Garlic Salt Grinder. Dried Garlic And Maine Sea Salt Blend. Try with Olive Oil and French Bread Toasted Golden Brown. Garlic, Allium sativum plant. .845 WT

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Maine Natural Sea Salt, and Roasted Garlic, shown in a 3.6 oz grinder. Maine Sea Salt & Garlic is a natural Atlantic salt, the roasted garlic is granulated and fresh dried. My salt grinder is refillable and recyclable.
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Garlic Sea Salt 3.6 oz Grinder Seasoning. Our roasted garlic taste great because of our sea salt. Dried granular Garlic, mixed with Maine Sea Salt using our own secret blend. This is the Best Garlic Salt you will ever taste. Perfect when making Garlic toast, adding Garlic flavor to any dish. Enjoy!

Garlic is the root of the Allium sativum plant. A member of the onion family. The root is in the form of a bulb that has several individual cloves of garlic. Like onions, Garlic sweetens in flavor when cooked. Maine Sea Salt and garlic are perfect together!

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