1 lb Bag, Natural Sea Salt, Crystal Salt. Maine Sea Salt, Grinder Or Mill Refill. Hand Harvested. 1 lb Zipper Bag. 1.25 WT Certified Kosher

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Maine Natural Sea Salt Bag 1 lb Crystals. Gourmet salt, solar evaporated, and with no anti caking agents added. Is a Reclosable plastic bag. Maine Sea Salt, medium size crystals are more uniform in size, the size of a grape seed or little larger, my choice for refilling a grinder or salt mill. 

Solar evaporated and Hand Harvested on the Coast of Maine. In Green Houses evaporate sea water from the coast of Maine. Maine Sea Salt hand-harvested with care. No heavy machinery. Not dried in a oven or kiln. No additives, whitening agents, or drying chemicals.

Use to marinate meats, pork, poultry. Use when grilling. Enhances the flavor of any dish. Maine Sea Salt has a unique taste, bursts any dish with flavor. Use in baking, cooking, home made pretzels, fermenting vegetables, decorating salted caramel candies. The fine salt, baking, soup, chowder, vegetables. The unique taste of Maine Sea Salt will make you a loyal customer. If you don't believe me, read the reviews!

Superior salt for cooking or health. Many uses home remedies.


 -Maintains electrolyte balance

 -Maine Sea Salt helps with muscle cramp


 -Fluid retention


 -No Iodine Added

 The amounts of trace minerals in the ocean, is the same percentages of those minerals in our body. Salt is an essential mineral for maintenance. Better function, stimulates circulation, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins.

Kosher Certified.

Ingredient: Maine Sea Salt



  • 5
    Taste of Maine

    Posted by Stephen D Parker on 12th Oct 2020

    My shipment of 1 lb of natural sea salt has arrived in perfect condition. As always, ordering was easy, delivery was prompt, and the product is perfect. Now I have plenty of natural sea salt for my grinders. I love the taste of natural sea salt from Maine on my morning eggs as well as supper potatoes and veggies.

  • 5
    Coarse Maine Sea Salt

    Posted by Al on 21st Sep 2020

    Don't get up to Maine much anymore because we moved away, but we are happy to support a nice company in a great state. This stuff tastes wicked salty and is real good.

  • 5
    Maine Sea Salt Crystals

    Posted by Pat Forte on 18th Aug 2020

    I live outside of Maine sadly. But when I want to add some Maine brine to seafood I am cooking, especially lobsters that have lost all their flavor being shipped to the West, I reach for Maine Sea Salt crystals. And the lobster rolls( when there are leftovers) I grate some of the Maine sea salt on them. Ahhh, I can hear the seagulls calling

  • 5
    My favorite table salt

    Posted by Ann Rein on 20th Jul 2020

    I have been using this salt in a salt grinder now for years, it's my favorite for fresh eating. Plus I like the fact it's from Maine, or Northern Massachusetts ;) (I love to tease my Maine husband with that!)

  • 5

    Posted by Maud Watson on 10th Jun 2020

    We love Maine Sea Salt Company. We have enjoyed visiting and being given a super friendly, informal tour and being made to feel like friends. All of the products are top notch. We live in Virginia and everything we have received by mail has arrived quickly and been packaged carefully. One of our favourite Maine companies!

  • 5
    for your grinder

    Posted by Marie Schnetzka on 4th Dec 2016

    This is the perfect sea salt refill for your salt grinder. Top quality and reasonably priced US made and sold. Perfect in so many ways. Thanks.

  • 5
    Helps make my lobster taste just like Maine.

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Sep 2014

    My go-to whenever cooking lobsters at home, makes the lobster taste ocean sea water fresh. Always have a full bag in the pantry.

  • 5
    Bringing a piece of Maine home

    Posted by Erin O on 19th Aug 2014

    Each year my family and I vacation in Kennebunkport. I wanted to find a US based company to provide Sea Salt. I wanted a quality product made in the US. I am greatly pleased with the products ordered.

  • 5
    good size

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2014

    The size is the key for a salt grinder and this is the perfect size. The price is little too much.