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Best Salt Ever 

Product: Maine Natural Sea Salt, FINE SIZE 1 lb Free Shipping 
Posted By: Rose
Love salt. Skeptical of pink, chemically processed crap you can buy from stores or the internet. While I have not visited this Maine sea salt plant, I have watched the video and ordered products from here. The flavor is amazing and the product is the best salt I have ever tasted. Knowing that this salt was once part of the Atlantic off the coast of Maine makes me smile when I put it on food. You may be as impressed as I, if you give these nutritious, delicious products a chance. To view video "Steve The Salt Man"  For Video visit vimeo.com search "Steve The Salt Man"

Flavor 5 Star Review

Posted by Kim on 28th Jul 2017

I am not a salt expert but I have tried several from different companies. THIS is my go to salt company for sea salt and smoked salts. I can taste the difference and it enhances everything I cook with it! 

a bit of the ocean on the table 5 Star Review

Posted by Rosemary Z on 21st Jul 2017

Maine Sea Salt, in the fine flake, is a lovely salt for the table. There is just enough moisture for it to cling to other flakes, but not so much that it is lumpy. The flavour is lovely. 



Free Shipping, No Minimum, No End Date

"The Way Salt Should Be"



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