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one of the best salt 

Product: Natural Maine Sea Salt Bag 1 lb size Crystals, Case of Six, (Wholesale Resale License Required) 
Posted By: Andre on Feb. 6, 2018
This salt taste and looks a lot different from the other sea salt I'm use to... 
Also since I switched to sea salt and took fast food out of my diet I'm no longer hypertension.... 


Best Salt Ever 

Product: Maine Natural Sea Salt, FINE SIZE 1 lb Free Shipping 
Posted By: Rose
Love salt. Skeptical of pink, chemically processed crap you can buy from stores or the internet. While I have not visited this Maine sea salt plant, I have watched the video and ordered products from here. The flavor is amazing and the product is the best salt I have ever tasted. Knowing that this salt was once part of the Atlantic off the coast of Maine makes me smile when I put it on food. You may be as impressed as I, if you give these nutritious, delicious products a chance. To view video "Steve The Salt Man"  For Video visit vimeo.com search "Steve The Salt Man"

Flavor 5 Star Review

Posted by Kim on 28th Jul 2017

I am not a salt expert but I have tried several from different companies. THIS is my go to salt company for sea salt and smoked salts. I can taste the difference and it enhances everything I cook with it! 



Free Shipping, No Minimum, No End Date

"The Way Salt Should Be"



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